Tuesday, November 9, 2010

He loves me for me!

These are the lyrics from the new song my BJ wrote for me about me.:) I love those kinds of songs.:) That are about me.:)

Her Uncommon Sense

My Clair's a clever thing
I can ask her anything
And when she answers then
she makes uncommon sense.

one night, no cloud, no thunder
in a field we lie
when aloud I wonder
"how many stars in the sky?"

she said, "All of them.
Where else would they be?
I don't think you're talkin
'bout the stars in the sea.
It's a simple thing
you can understand
it's no complex question
like two birds in the hand."

My Clair said "Ohmygator.
How cold is my nose?"
I said, "refrigerator.
You should hold me close."

She said, "Hold you close?
How else could I do?
I can't hold you here
if you're in Timbuktu.
It's a simple thing
you can understand
it's no complex question
like two birds in the hand."

...he needs to write more verses. This song rocks. You should hear the guitar accompaniment.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

"For He's a Golly Good Fella!"

One more interview and we are in......SEATTLE.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"....ooh ah, incredible..."

WAITING. The last frontier.
Or atleast, it feels like it.
Need to expel some of the drama weighting down my insides.

BJ has graduated with his BA finally.
Tick VG. Check!

Now is the time for looking to the future.
BJ had mentioned Japan.
So the last two weeks we have been planning, and making it a possible thing.

Yesterday, due to some EXTRAORDINARY events, including an angel hitting the print button on BJ's computer TWICE, we are possibly moving to WA! Like as soon as we can!
INSANITY. ANGST. SO much ANGST it should be spelled ANGXST.

Waiting is NOT Clair's favorite. NOT AT ALL.
So things are being put in motion, like resumes being sent. Plans for moving being written on paper.

But mostly there is waiting. This will be a slow process over the next few months, with a few spots of crazy times. And then there will be no more waiting. There will be progression. And longtime-weights being lifted off our shoulders. Debt will be taken care of, bills lessened. CRAZY TIMES.


This is how I like life.:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

"More than words"

BJ has been on the phone speaking Japanese for the last hour.

Why you ask?

Because in Japan it is already tomorrow afternoon.

Who was he talking to?


In 2012 BJ might be entering a Japanese University to earn his MA.


I am soooooo FREAKING EXCITED!!!
You have no idea.
I can't think about anything else.
You may come visit.

Friday, July 30, 2010

"We are ALMOST the Champions my friends.:)"

Beloved has THREE days of school left. THREE. Also, it is the end of the month. For base pay+commision pay people like us, that means a whole maniac of stress come end of the month. So today being the last day of the work month, and only three more days of BJschool. WE ARE A BIT ON THE STRAINED SIDE. ANd it is Golden Son's birthday! Two years ago I gave birth to my son right over there in the corner of my living room surrounded by people I love.

Today CLAIR is incoherrant. She is stressed and blessed. She is on the verge of a nervous breakdown(see the beginnings of a nervous tick?:). She is so happy how things are, and happy about the next step of our life, but she is kind of crazy right now in these last THREE DAYS. So should she not seem normal to you while you happen to be conversing, or should she say something not quite right. Please ignore, and remember she is literally insane...for the next THREE DAYS.

Call her on Tuesday when she has returned to normal.

Oh yeah, call to congratulate BJ too.:)

ps.Just so you don't ask me in the next three days while I am crazy and stressed. BJ is finishing his BA. THen we are taking a hiatus from school so Clair can finish her MH(next June!) and BA(next Dec 2010, or Jan-ish 2011!), and so we can pay off some of our debt. Then it is off to grad school for the Boj (and maybe the Mrs.:)! Hurray!


Friday, July 9, 2010

"this salad rocks!" and so do I:) OR "I'm so vain, yeah I know this song is about me..."those are the words right?:)

Ohmygator, I SO rock.

I have been kicking trash all week with deep cleaning/deep organizing my home.

I have been doing so much, I can't even tell you.

Just take my word for it.
I SO rock.:)

Maybe you can come visit me in a week when I recover....;)

Meanwhile, it is now time to cuddle with Beloved and watch us some super freaky THE LOST WORLD.

Yeah, that is as "horror flick" as we get. (I think it is pretty DANG freaky.)

The Amazing Clair

ps.The photography and styling of this post was inspired by and is dedicated to the ULTRA Amazing Dee.:)

Monday, June 28, 2010

"Happy Birthday dear Baby Alice!"

Today my littlest baby turned one. I was completely surprised by the overwhelming emotions that surfaced from this occasion. I love our Baby Alice so SO SO much. I am so grateful that she is in our family right now. She is one of my greatest sources of peace. We love you Baby Alice.

So here are some interesting things about BA(what we call her for short-Baby Alice:)

-Whereas Jane was a super mommy from the time she came out of the womb, BA is not all that interested in babies. But she LOVES books and trying to figure toys out. She loves stacking, and opening, and putting things away. She LOVES figuring things out.

-My first two babies were walking around 1. Baby Alice BARELY started taking her first steps last week.

-My first two kids had eight teeth by eight months and teethed like MANIACS(and truly turned US into maniacs with all the sleepless nights:). BA only had 6 teeth at eight months, but now she almost has all of her teeth. She is THE EASIEST teether in the world. She is so calm!

-My favorite time with BA is when I am holding her and rocking her to sleep in the mei tai. She plays pass the pacifier with me, and we just get to be peaceful together. I always feel, durring those times of quiet, that we are teaching eachother how to still our minds, bodies, and spirits together. I treasure these times everyday.:)

-BA smiles SO BIG. It looks like her face is going to tear in two!:) SHe loves to laugh and play.

Baby Alice is such an angel, and we love her so much!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

"You are my home"

Holy Toledo Batman, these last two weeks have been INSANE.
I feel like gak inside. Do you remember that blobby stuff your parents wouldn't let you have, back in the 90's?:) I feel like that. I feel so maleable, and unsure of my solid state.:)

Two weeks ago I was having an awful day...AGAIN. And then I went to my counseling session(which I REALLY didn't want to do because of a bad previous counseling type session two days before). Anyways, during that session, between me, BJ, and my counselor, we found out what has been the cause of pretty much all my mental/emotional/physical/spiritual problems for the last 22 years. I realized that although I have absolute 100% faith in my Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, and the power of the Atonement to heal me (mentally, emotionally, etc), I did not believe that I could do my part. I had no faith in my ability to do my part in applying the purifying, cleansing, healing power of the Atonement.

Realizing that about myself has changed everything. Through that experience I have come to know that with my LOVING Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, through the Atonement, I can be healed from anything that happens to me. I feel so light, and like a GINORMOUS weight, that I have been carrying for 22 years, has been lifted off my shoulders. I have power and control over my actions, and I have the ability and I am worthy of being a normal, balanced, healed person. That is a powerful feeling, and powerful knowledge.

Getting to the root of my problems, released a lot of other unresolved issues I have been carrying around. I have realized that pretty much all my life, that I remember, I have been afraid of going to bed because something awful might happen tomorrow(like it has over and over in my life since I was 5 with my parents divorce). And I didn't know how to deal with things when really bad things happened. SO I feared and dreaded tomorrow. Especially in the last few years when one really horrible thing after another, with no pauses,was happening. And now that I have the confidence in myself to do what I need to do, I know that when bad things happen I can do what it takes to turn toward my LOVING LOVING LOVING Heavenly Father, and through His Son's Atonement ANY grief I feel can be healed. That is so powerful! This knowledge has changed my life this last week! I feel so different. I don't feel so afraid all the time like I used to. It has changed everything in every area of my life.

I also realized a week ago that I did not feel worth trying to understand, especially when I am having a hard time communicating. All my life I have felt that. It is a HORRIBLE feeling to feel unworth energy on another person's behalf to get to know you. It affects your relationships, and obviously your own feelings of self worth. I have been so grateful this last week to have been able to hang out with some of my old college roommates who love me so dearly no matter how sick I have been, or how fat I have gotten because of that sickness. They love me just as me, and they know I am imperfect and will make mistakes, but they love me and want to be around me even, and sometimes espcially, when I am going through these times of changing. I am also so grateful for a husband who has, the whole time, seen who I AM, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And chooses to see who I AM everyday no matter what is going on.

I feel so blessed to have had the hard experiences I have had in my life. I have felt my Savior's love and my Heavenly Father's love all the more because of these experiences. I am so grateful for the absolutely consuming peace I have felt this last week as I have been healing emotionally/spiritually/etc. I know this feeling is from our loving Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for my family and friends who have shown so much patience and love toward me, especially when it was hard. And mostly, today I am so grateful for the personal revelation that I have gotten in the last two weeks, and for the knowledge that anyone who wants this knwoledge only has to ask our loving Heavenly Father, and He is WAITING and LONGING to give it to you SO FREELY!

Happy Sabbath!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Jane's 1st Easter

Denny's 1st Easter

Baby Alice's 1st Easter

"She's A Very Extraordinary Sort of...female...woman....you know the type. Whohoo!"-I love you Gilbert O'Sullivan:)

I love my Mum. I also love my Mother-in-law, she is so much more special to me than an "in-law". I am also so so so grateful for the other "Moms" I have had in my life so far.:) For Sister Briggs and Sister Hadfield, Sister Borden and Kathy. I am thankful for Sharon and My Mel who took such good care of me durring my time at the Y. There have been so many beautiful women in my life and I love you all!
Happy Mum's Day!

The following pix are from the last two months and are especially for Grandma Allison and Grandma Becky.:) The best Moms ever.

The first five pictures were taken today:)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

"JALS" 50 points to anyone who can name the band who wrote this song and what the letters stand for.:)

It feels like I haven't blogged in FOREVER! Oh wait, I HAVEN'T blogged forever.:)

Well, 2010 hit HamakerLove like a ton of bricks, and we already need to recoup so we are taking March and April off from our worldly cares(tv, internet, email, ETSY, parties, etc.) We need to get back to basics and spend some serious time just us as a family!

In May 2010 please expect:
A new and improved HamakerLove family:)
An insanely healthier Clair!
New family pix!
(Especially of Denny and Jane...sheesh.)
Exciting news in the Etsy category!

In the meantime here are a few pix to tide you over for the next two months.:)

ps.If you need to get a hold of us we are still answering our phone and our SNAILMAIL(Pick snailmail! Snailmail!!!:)