Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Stairway to Heaven"

So yesterday BJ and I went to a church social they were callin' a Hoe Down. They had themselves this here little ol' dessert contest and this was MY entry.

The inside of my possum surprise was BLOOD RED. Totally gross AND awesome.
AND I WON A BLUE RIBBON. We went as "hicks", and called ourselves Beauford and Daisy Mae Hamaker, both first and second cousins married together because it is legal in this state.;) It was really really fun.

Friday, March 27, 2009

"You Can't Always Get What You Want...If You Try Sometimes You Find You Get What You Need"

Holy cow I was stalking our friend SArah Lynn's blog and found this HI-LARIOUS post.
So you go to a search engine and type "(Your name) needs", and list the first ten things that pops up. We are going to do the first five because it is faster. And five is the best number ever. This is what "we need."

BJ needs:
-to get real stoned
-a sports psychologist
-go back under water and carry the rock some place deeper this time.
- to talk a lot its a way to relieve his stress and make him confident
- Hawkeye to break him before he can know how to put himself back together

Clair needs:
-a booking agent.
-no encouragement.
-to be approved by groups immediately or she feels left out.
-more Italian places.
-to be dug up again - fun!(I quoted that exactly)

Jane needs:
-a break
-a home
-to be nailed to a railroad tie and left for the buzzards.
-Your Help On January 19th

Denny needs:
-to get on with it and let Izzy love Alex
-a new crew
-to throw a Republicrook out of Congress
-Your Vote
-to get a better handle on the whole experiance and he'll prove to be better then the twink in the #18.

Alice needs:
-more work
-a new true love
-a room next year!!
-counselling (It has been quite 'turbulent' lately, so counselling might just be the thing I need) (Again, quoted axactly)
-to learn to become a Permanent Fairy

I tag everyone who reads this because it is such a funny idea. You will laugh your pants off.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"On the Road Again"

Change is in the air, I can feel it! We have been living in Henderson, NV since September 2005. That is the longest me and BJ have lived anywhere together.:)(We moved 4 times the first year we were married.) We have made so many friends, but they are mostly young, like us;), and with the young couple comes change...often...too often. With graduations and so forth in the air for some of our friends, "where do you want to end up" is a question that comes up a lot. We too do not want to stay in NV forever. Sooooo it reminded me of this great website called:

You take this fun quiz and it makes a list of places that you could be happy living in.:) We always get a lot of CA, WA, and OR hits. Though when I took it again today there were several cities in the South(which surprised me) and several in Virginia. The South has definitely been in the air lately(that sounds weird, but it is true:). We have no idea where we will end up. All our family is on the West Coast mostly. BJ also needs to be near a University with a Japanese program, since that is where he wants his career to be.:)

Anwyays, if you want to find out some interesting things about yourself take the quiz. AND THEN you should leave a comment with a few of your top picks. Just because I am curious.:)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Life is a Highway...."

We just got our taxes done, and our tax return was VERY generous. We are soooo feeling blessed because we really needed it to be generous as we are trying madly to pay off all debt, and baby bills(midwife, doula, third car seat, etc...). We also have grown out of our car with this third darling baby coming so we are now looking for a minivan.

We have about $5000.00 to buy a minivan, if anyone hears of a minivan going for that or less PLEASE EMAIL US! Or leave a comment on this post.:)

Our tax return probably won't be here until the end of March. We are soooo excited!
Thanks for your help chums!