Sunday, January 24, 2010

"All My Lovin'" OMG8R I love the Beatles....sigh.

Dear Hamakerlove blog,

How I miss thee. I have been so busy with babies with sniffly noses, and trying to get my own energy up, and teaching my class, and doing a ton of schoolwork everyday. Not to mention all the millions of other things on my plate. I do still love you. I love you more than facebook even(I know you were wondering;). Never fear, in the next few months I shall have found a balance in our new family dynamics, with an energy you have not yet known.

All my words,

ps.BJ has started a new blog for his creative writing outlet needs:

It is all a bunch of hooey, just in case you were getting those confusing THE PRINCESS BRIDE THE BOOK feelings.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Don't you know every time it rains....." (for BJ "...maccaroni". Thank you Louis Prima)

Simple Cough Syrup

2 onions chopped up
raw honey(not creamed)

Put the chopped up onions either in a crock pot, or in a glass dish(suitable for the oven) and cover with honey until the honey is about a 1/2 inch above the onions. Cook at a low temperature for several hours, strain, put in a jar and seal and date.

For children take 1/2 tsp as needed(I give this to my kids every hour, while they are awake, when they first get a cough or cold and it goes away within two days max). For adults 1 tsp 6-8 times a day(again at the beginning of a cold or cough I take this every hour while I am awake).

If you catch a cold in the beginning and work with your body to get those germs out you heal very quickly with rest and nourishing food. If you don't get on top of it right away it can take FOREVER. I know because sometimes I am a lazier person than I would like to admit.;D

Honey coats the throat and onions break up and draw out the germs and mucus. The best thing about this is it is relatively inexpensive to make, and it has absolutely no harmful or unknown chemicals in it. And it is very effective in helping a cough. Hurray!
Take care!

(holiday pix and update to come soon....I hope:)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

"We Didn't Start the Fire...."

Etsy shop is up!
Seller name:OHMYGATOR!


ps.Its my birthday. Happy Julianuary.(It is so sad I have that movie and know what that means.)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Update on Clair's OHMYGATOR! Etsy shop, soon to be opening on a computer near you.

Ok, so it is actually not Saturday night techinically anymore(being about 1:30am Sunday morning), but I have been working feverishly all yesterday and today. I was just going to make three, but decided to go for 6-8 instead, so I am only mostly done with all of them, and not entirely done with any of them. They will be ever so much more impressive if I show them to you completely finished, so I will just give you a quick glimpse tonight, and you can try and figure out what I am making.:)

ps.I will be HOPEFULLY opening my shop next weekend, but I need to take some amazing pix first(and finish them OF COURSE). I will post as I am getting close to my store opening.:D