Wednesday, October 21, 2009


When I was in junior high I stopped saying the pledge of allegiance. I was really mad at the people in government who were only in it for the money. Isn't that strange in one so young? I felt like the government was SEVERLY corrupted, and undeserving of my loyalty. I felt like the American dream was bunk. That people didn't really care about what was right. In high school I worked at JoAnn Fabrics and saw all sorts of un-neighborly behavior. People being cranky and grumpy at long lines. Fighting and being stingy about fabric, and selection, and prices. I felt like I could relate to other countries who didn't like America. I could see how vain and egotistical we were. I could see why people would be put off by how Americans think they are the best of all the countries in the world. I felt America was VERY hypocritical.

Then when 9-11 happened something happened that made me change my mind. It is going to sound silly, but at JoAnn's allasudden things were different (at least for a tiny while) after 9-11 happened. People were all of a sudden so patient! They were waiting in line for ribbon for hours sometimes, and there were never any complaints. Do you remember those red, white, and blue ribbons everyone wore after 9-11? People were making sure not to buy too much so there would be enough for everyone else (we had a lot of ribbon shortages because EVERYONE was making ribbon pins). It was awesome to see so much "happy community" around me. I can't tell you what an all of a sudden joy it was to work at JoAnns when there was such a beautiful thing going on!And then I went downtown to the Seattle Center where they had filled this HUGE walk-in fountain with flowers for the people who had died. It was so neat, and really spiritual feeling. It was a fountain with a long spiralling walkway, and it was just completely filled along the whole path with flowers and candles and signs. I went by myself and didn't "know" anyone there, but I felt this HUGE connection with the people who were there remembering and mourning and feeling. This was America to me. Community. Unity. Helping each other. Doing the right thing regardless of personal comfort. Unselfishness. Self-sacrifice. Hard work. A willingness to mourn with those that mourned. A feeling that material and artificial things didn't matter as much as people. Lately I have said "I think we should move to Canada" A LOT. Sometimes mostly in jest. :) I think sometimes it feels like America equals our government. And I am REALLY not happy with our government. They are making some seriously frightening decisions regarding my families rights. It has led me to wonder what other peoples' definitions of "America" are. Is America its government or something much bigger and more important? Is America the land, the physical land?

SO I wanna know, what is YOUR definition of America? What does it mean to you? I would really REALLY love to know what you think. Please try to keep your thoughts on this subject in keeping with the spirit.:) I know it is hard sometimes.;)(wink wink).

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"The Monster Mash!"

I totally copied you Corine! Whahahahaha! (Yours was so cute, how could I help it?!)

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"Twenty Something.."

BJ Hamaker is the best part of our family for a million reasons. We love him more than pie or chocolate or anything on this planet.

On October 7th BJ turned twenty something.
He doesn't have a age complex, we just love that song by the fabulous Jamie Cullum.

For his birthday Clair made him a sushi scarf.
On the card it said:

Watashi wa sushi o tabemasu ka?
Sushi o tabemasen.
Tsukaimasu yo!

If you speak Japanese you will know what this means.

If you don't speak Japanese here is the translation:

You eat sushi?
Do not eat this sushi.
Use it!

If you crochet and want to make this amazing yarn creation go to for the pattern. You have to sign in but it is free and awesome. Then search for sushi scarf on their search engine. They have sooo many awesome free patterns.

'I got too much on my plate...don't have no time to be a decent lover...;)"-Thank you Paul McCartney:)

October is FLYING! Here are a few pix for your enjoyment...

My handsome man in his new shoes! He is a flying walker!

My beautiful angels.

Heck yes I made these!
Preview of not quite finished Halloween costumes(Alice is just trying on the family pumpkin costume that all the kids have worn, her costume has not been made yet;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


There is a lot of really concerning info. coming out about the new H1N1 vaccine. Friends, PLEASE do your research from several sources. There are concerns about high levels of mercury, natural mercury, which is more dangerous then inorganic. There are concerns about how the makers of the vaccine refuse to take it. There are concerns about testing it on children. Vaccines are serious stuff. Especially new vaccines that we know very little about as far as effects on our bodies and especially our children's bodies. These are adult doses. Please be careful and know there are other options to build your immunity than vaccines.