Sunday, May 9, 2010


Jane's 1st Easter

Denny's 1st Easter

Baby Alice's 1st Easter

"She's A Very Extraordinary Sort know the type. Whohoo!"-I love you Gilbert O'Sullivan:)

I love my Mum. I also love my Mother-in-law, she is so much more special to me than an "in-law". I am also so so so grateful for the other "Moms" I have had in my life so far.:) For Sister Briggs and Sister Hadfield, Sister Borden and Kathy. I am thankful for Sharon and My Mel who took such good care of me durring my time at the Y. There have been so many beautiful women in my life and I love you all!
Happy Mum's Day!

The following pix are from the last two months and are especially for Grandma Allison and Grandma Becky.:) The best Moms ever.

The first five pictures were taken today:)