Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"She is my dear, my darling one..."

Here is our darling girl!

Alice Michaela
born:Sunday June 28th, 2009
weight:6lbs 15oz
height:19 inches
eyes:dark blue
hair:dark dark brown like Daddy's, and lots!

(Birth story will be posted hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow in our other blog)

Jane meets Alice!

Denny meets Alice!

Sleeping Beauties;)...finally!:) We worked really hard!

Denny and Daddy showing baby some lovin':)

Baby Alice-Monday:)

If you look really hard you can see her tiny tiny dimple.

Grandma Becky and Baby Alice

Our awesome midwife and dear friend April holding Alice

My amazing doula and good friend Sherry holding Alice:)

Proud Daddy and the newest Hamakerlove model:)

"Who is this new lovely lady in our family?"

Sisters and fellow rosebud princesses:)

A damsel men will go into battle for...


Denny loves to touch his sister...if only we could teach him the difference between "touching" and uh....."attacking". :)

Well here are only a few of the pix, but it gives you a tiny idea of how adorable this family is.:) I just keeping thinking, I know these next few months are going to be crazy, but I love these people sooooo millions, it is SO WORTH IT! WE are so happy Alice is here and Denny and Jane. Life ALREADY couldn't be the same with all three.:)

I will try to get more pix up and our birth story soon!
The new US.
(BJ, Clair, Jane, Denny, and Baby Alice:)

Monday, June 29, 2009

"New day, brings on the morning sun"-"Good Morning Clair" by BJ Hamaker

So I know I promised pix of the lovely Baby Alice. Well, today I spent asleep in bed and having my new baby midwife checkup at home and saying goodbye to my Mum(WE ARE SAD SHE HAS GONE HOME). So you will have to wait until tomorrow. If this makes you upset....well you try having two births in less than a year and we will talk.;)
Till tomorrow!!!
C. and co.

Friday, June 19, 2009

"Little Bird, Little Bird..."

So last Saturday I had a super awesome time at my nesting party. I had a lot of friends over and we ate super yummy food, and got some things done to welcome Baby Alice. It was wonderful. My favorite part was having my friends over. They have cheered me up and buoyed me up so much in the last few months. I couldn't have made it through this pregnancy without their love and support and friendship.
Here are some pix of the fun times.:)
ps.the henna artist is the very talented Rebekah Wilken

The beautiful Jenny

The lovely Kaarina and lovely Meridy eating yummy food:)

The gorgeous Candice

The lovely Patti and Heidi and Grandma Helen making flower clips:)

My really wonderful and lovely friends Shana and Reggie helping me make my baby announcements:)

Friends helping in the kitchen

making handprint hearts for my friendship quilt(finished project pix to follow)

The gorgeous and talented Annjilla getting henna-ed

my very beautiful if prego belly:) Exotic, yes?

The lady in question and her very sleepy and beyond adorable Jane:)

Gosh, all my friends are sooooo gorgeous! And wonderful and nice. How did I get so stinkin' blessed?

After my party I went over to Well Rounded Momma to bring some party food to my friends who I knew were working and had the funnest after party. I love you all so dearly and am so thankful for you and your friendship.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Singing the Body Electric"

Hey this is a really awesome and important article about c-sections in America. Please read it. We need to be aware of what is happening with birth and our bodies and our babies.


The c-section rate in NV is 40%. Most states are at atleast 30% average. This affects everyone. There has to be a reason a huge majority of women "can't deliver a baby naturally on their own without medical aid." Something is wrong, and I don't think it is the women.
This is really important.