Friday, July 30, 2010

"We are ALMOST the Champions my friends.:)"

Beloved has THREE days of school left. THREE. Also, it is the end of the month. For base pay+commision pay people like us, that means a whole maniac of stress come end of the month. So today being the last day of the work month, and only three more days of BJschool. WE ARE A BIT ON THE STRAINED SIDE. ANd it is Golden Son's birthday! Two years ago I gave birth to my son right over there in the corner of my living room surrounded by people I love.

Today CLAIR is incoherrant. She is stressed and blessed. She is on the verge of a nervous breakdown(see the beginnings of a nervous tick?:). She is so happy how things are, and happy about the next step of our life, but she is kind of crazy right now in these last THREE DAYS. So should she not seem normal to you while you happen to be conversing, or should she say something not quite right. Please ignore, and remember she is literally insane...for the next THREE DAYS.

Call her on Tuesday when she has returned to normal.

Oh yeah, call to congratulate BJ too.:)

ps.Just so you don't ask me in the next three days while I am crazy and stressed. BJ is finishing his BA. THen we are taking a hiatus from school so Clair can finish her MH(next June!) and BA(next Dec 2010, or Jan-ish 2011!), and so we can pay off some of our debt. Then it is off to grad school for the Boj (and maybe the Mrs.:)! Hurray!


Friday, July 9, 2010

"this salad rocks!" and so do I:) OR "I'm so vain, yeah I know this song is about me..."those are the words right?:)

Ohmygator, I SO rock.

I have been kicking trash all week with deep cleaning/deep organizing my home.

I have been doing so much, I can't even tell you.

Just take my word for it.
I SO rock.:)

Maybe you can come visit me in a week when I recover....;)

Meanwhile, it is now time to cuddle with Beloved and watch us some super freaky THE LOST WORLD.

Yeah, that is as "horror flick" as we get. (I think it is pretty DANG freaky.)

The Amazing Clair

ps.The photography and styling of this post was inspired by and is dedicated to the ULTRA Amazing Dee.:)