Saturday, May 30, 2009

"It's a celebration!!!"

Clair is having a nesting party!
June 13*2009
It is going to rock.
I am making a special friendship quilt so even if you can only come for a few minutes, please come to sign my quilt.
There will be AWESOME henna art and SUPER AMAZING food!
Also, if you want to help, there will be a few last minute craft projects I am trying to get done before baby Alice comes that you can help me with.
I am sooooooo excited!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Isn't It Romantic"

I think me and BJ's MOST FAVORITE thing about dancing together is the sweet flirting you can do. It is a kind of flirting totally unique to dancing. When you are dancing the lindy to FEVER, I mean, come on, there is a supreme oppurtunity for some serious sassy flirting. Lots of swing songs are that way too. "Banana Split for my Baby...A glass of cold water for me..." and "I'll tell YOU when" are two of my favorites.

With every dance there is a different kind of flirting. I just found out that here in Las Vegas they have started an English Country Dance Society where they dance the dances found in Jane Austen movies.:) The flirting in this kind of dancing is super fun because there is barely any touching involved. It is very subtle. Fingertips, holding hands, brushing sides...very tame sounding, but with a look and a wink, very romantic and fun.:) For all of you out there completely desensitized to romantic things, this may not sound fun or flirty, but there is power in minimalism my friends! I guess they just had their first ball, and everyone dressed up and everything. BJ, being the most macho love I know, is totally taking me next year.:) HE VOLUNTEERED to take me when I told him about it. I am sooooo excited! I married the best man EVER!(Sorry I just gotta brag a bit.:)

Here is a link to their info:

Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Too Darn Hot

It is HOT. The weather man says it is only 93 degrees, but I BEG TO DISAGREE.
It is hotter.
Jane says so too.
It was so hot we all got sick from being outside for just a wee bit. Usually we can handle the heat better, and that is why I think the weather man is a liar.
The end.

Monday, May 11, 2009

"More than words.."

Ok so I made a post on cloth diapers on our other blog:

Come to find out I don't think I am very good at writing product reviews.:) I know what I like and don't like, I am just not very good at explaining it.
Anyways, for those of you who wanted a post on our experience with cloth diapering, there you go.:)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


We had a really awesome weekend! We got to go to a WellRoundedMomma and Baby's1stDayMidwifery client reunion. There was a SWEET ACTION fiddle band, and snacks, and friends, and relaxing in the was AWESOME! Thank you Sherri and April for making such a fun time! Here are some pix from the park.

Mother's Day was so lovely. My sweet babies and BJ wrote me some beautiful songs. BJ made me a super yummy heart shaped pizza for dinner. I got to have some dream time to myself, and blog time. BJ cleaned my kitchen. He is the best. My kids are the best. I am so blessed.:)
I have to end this blog post with the song BJ wrote for me last year on my birthday, and added another verse to it today for Mother's Day. I wish you could hear it, it has a really beautiful melody to it that just makes the words really meaningful.

MAYBE by Berhard J. Hamaker
Maybe everything will work out better
...if different than we expected.
Maybe all our hopes are coming true
...with progress unexpected.

Maybe all our troubles are working
...themselves out with a little help from us.
Maybe things are getting better
...bit by bit and they'll be fine soon enough.

Maybe when I get home
..this time I won't have to leave again.
Maybe we'll have ample time
...together some way, some when.

Maybe all of this waiting's worth it some uncomfortable, sadistic way.
Maybe all these seeds we've been planting
..are just about to bud and flourish.
Maybe we will reap the greatest harvest
..of love, your soul to nourish.....

I think I am going to have to record him singing it. It is so beautiful to hear. The words alone really don't do it justice.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"I'm In Love With a Wonderful Guy!"

So today I really REALLY wanted to scrapbook. This is logical since we have a MILLION boxes of all sorts of things to scrapbook. It is also ILLOGICAL to want to scrapbook because we have A MILLION BOXES OF THINGS TO SCRAPBOOK. So needless to say I got overwhelmed in a hurry. IF I had a file cabinet and IF I had a million file folders MAYBE I could have started by just organizing things into categories, but I didn't have any of those things. So I packed it all back up and decided to blog instead.(What I call-scrapbooking in a semi-hurry)

While I was going through stuff I found this HILARIOUS first draft of BJ and mine's wedding announcement that BJ typed.

Here's your kicks and giggles for today:)

"I love Clair.
I am going to marry her and then we'll have a reception you can come to.
Bring soda or chips; we're leaving early.
If you want to talk to us, we're redoing the old-fashioned reception line concept.
It's going to be more like a drive through kind of thing where you say "regards" or some other two or three syllable phrase and its over at 7:30.
Don't do anything stupid and no arguing with the others."

I love that.
I hope you love that too.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Time, you needed time out of the mainstream.."-Semisonic's BRAND NEW BABY

We got a brand new baby....a new blog. SOOOOO EXCITING! We have been on a path to better health, and whole foods living for a long time. We have fought the norm of American living in many ways...cloth diapering, eating awesome, weird things like quinoa, we use herbs instead of synthetic medicine as far as our knowledge lets us, etc. We are still on our journey though toward healthier living and thought it would be a great idea to share some of our naturally healthy adventures with the public. Changing your lifestyle is hard and sometimes reading the ups and downs of others efforts inspires and motivates you to keep trying. If you want to learn more about healthy nutrition, and other naturally healthy things check out our new blog:

BJ and I are going to try to post weekly with recipes, insights, interesting facts, etc. We are just starting this blog, so it might not be super interesting yet, but we have some really awesome things we are "cooking up" to post really soon so check back often!
Healthy Journeys!