Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"....ooh ah, incredible..."

WAITING. The last frontier.
Or atleast, it feels like it.
Need to expel some of the drama weighting down my insides.

BJ has graduated with his BA finally.
Tick VG. Check!

Now is the time for looking to the future.
BJ had mentioned Japan.
So the last two weeks we have been planning, and making it a possible thing.

Yesterday, due to some EXTRAORDINARY events, including an angel hitting the print button on BJ's computer TWICE, we are possibly moving to WA! Like as soon as we can!
INSANITY. ANGST. SO much ANGST it should be spelled ANGXST.

Waiting is NOT Clair's favorite. NOT AT ALL.
So things are being put in motion, like resumes being sent. Plans for moving being written on paper.

But mostly there is waiting. This will be a slow process over the next few months, with a few spots of crazy times. And then there will be no more waiting. There will be progression. And longtime-weights being lifted off our shoulders. Debt will be taken care of, bills lessened. CRAZY TIMES.


This is how I like life.:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

"More than words"

BJ has been on the phone speaking Japanese for the last hour.

Why you ask?

Because in Japan it is already tomorrow afternoon.

Who was he talking to?


In 2012 BJ might be entering a Japanese University to earn his MA.


I am soooooo FREAKING EXCITED!!!
You have no idea.
I can't think about anything else.
You may come visit.