Friday, September 30, 2011

A New Day

Today is a new day.

Clair feels like she has been in a cacoon for the last six years.
Whilst in this cacoon she has been literally turned into jelly.
In the last little while, all of a sudden there has begun to be a change inside her crystalis.
Things are starting to change.
Form is beginning to take shape.
Foundations are begining to grow.
New strength is found amongst the jelly.
The sides of the crystalis are starting to feel tight against new found wings.


Soon the bonds will break and the new Clair will emerge.
First slowly.
Already there are tears in the crystalis.
Vulnerablity fills the void.

Such real feelings and crazy understanding of what this process must feel like to a butterfly.
Feeling life at this angle is...dificult to explain.
Can only be felt and lived through.

New beginnings.
New feelings.
New standards.
New approaches to life, people, truth, relationships, the world.

All is quiet.
All is loud.
All is hard and soft.

Today is a new day.